February 19, 2020, 3:17 am
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Blackpool Officials Still Optimistic on Super Casino Race

Officials behind the Blackpool bid for Britain's first super casino still believe that it has an edge on the casino bidding process.

They believe that if the gargantuan project will hinge on regeneration, then the bookies' favorite still holds the ace in the race. Right from the beginning of the process of introducing the super casino, the government has stressed that the location must have a "need for regeneration".

Blackpool came in a decent third out of eight in the ranking that the Casino Advisory Panel came out with, falling just two points behind first placer Millennium Dome in Greenwich. Glasow ranked in second.

The panel made the first ranking announcement July 24, and said that future assessments would not be affected by this. The panel will be making its final recommendation to the government by the end of the year.

"The importance of the different categories has not been weighted, but we believe if they had been, Blackpool would not have been in third place, but would have been higher," Alan Cavill, Blackpool's head of corporate policy and development, said.

"When the Government announced the legislation, it said the primary considerations would be safety and the need for regeneration," he added.

Cavill said that the council would now be concentrating on improving its scores in the other categories.